Regions4 activities towards a multi-level COP26

Regions4 will bring forward innovative regional solutions that can be up-scaled to a global level

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Race To Resilience Pledge

RegionsAdapt to support over 73 regions to take stock, prioritise, plan, adopt ambitious actions and report on climate resilience

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#WhatsAtState: Our planet won't wait

Regions4 and Under2 Coalition come together to elevate the voice of regions and states during the 100 days before COP26.

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Regions Voice in UN Reporting

Brief report on VSRs and other contributions from regions to the 2030 Agenda

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Edinburgh Declaration

A collective mechanism to demand a specific decision on subnational governments and biodiversity at COP15

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Is the global voice of regional governments in the fields of biodiversity conservation, climate action and sustainable development

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regions from 21 countries worldwide


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Global action

We represent over 42 regions and associations of regions, from almost 20 countries.