Running in parallel to Italy’s pre-COP in Milan (1-3 October), “Race for Our Planet” is an accelerator event designed to showcase membership to the Races and explore what this means in practice. In this framework we aim to also promote the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, which creates routes into the Race to Zero for all parts of the financial sector and ensures net zero credibility.

The panel “Runners in the Race to Resilience describe their committments will count with the participation of Regions4 Secretary General Natalia Uribe.

Spotlighting commitments, sharing solutions and identifying key goals will be at the heart of this conversation, which will look to the Adaptation Day on 8 November and Resilience Hub at COP26 as well as beyond the COP at how non-state actors can continue to play a role in years to come. This is closely linked to a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – a recovery which prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth for the future.

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