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http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ buy soma cheap no prescription The Third meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation – SBI 3 will be held from the 17th of May – 13th of June 2021 in Quebec City, Canada. First plenary, 17-19 May; Second Plenary, 28-30 May; Third plenary, 11-13 June (adjournment).

SBI 3 will meet after SBSTTA 24 and will be an opportunity for regional governments to share their implementation strategies. 

The four functions and core areas of work of SBI consist of: (a) review of progress in implementation; (b) strategic actions to enhance implementation; (c) strengthening means of implementation; and (d) operations of the convention and the Protocols. The Bureau of the COP serves as the Bureau of the SBI.

Event details