The webinar is part of the Harnessing Climate & SDGs Synergies to Recover Better and Stronger from the Covid-19 Pandemic global virtual consultation process, taking place instead of the Climate and SDGs Synergies Conference 2020 organized by UN DESA.

The first session of the three-part webinar series will take place on Thursday, 25 June, 9-11 am (NY time) and will give participants the opportunity to shape the key messages and recommendations to be shared at the HLPF, UNFCC COP26 & other relevant engagements. Speakers will suggest concrete ways to build climate & SDG synergies on key 2020 themes: biodiversity, food, transport, and oceans. An early draft of the final report from the synergies consultation will be presented, followed by open discussion on the recommendations and actions to carry forward.

  • Does the draft final report reflect key points and examples from the discussion?
  • What actions do you recommend to enable stakeholders to realize the potential of climate & SDG synergies to accelerate recovery and just transitions? 
  • How can the key themes of global engagements planned this year, be leveraged to illustrate and/or make the case for climate & SDG co-benefits?
  • How can members of this community continue to learn from each other and/or collaborate, including to advance multi-disciplinary recovery efforts?

You can share your insights & initiatives in the UN DESA online synergies-in-practice questionnaire.

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