On 3 June 2019, after a long rebranding process, our network proudly announced to the world the launch of our new name and brand: Regions4. The public announcement was made virtually two days before World Environmental Day, together with the launch of a brand-new website and social media presence.

Regions4 is the result of a long consultation process involving all networks members that began three years ago during our General Assembly in Barcelona, in a discussion named “The future we want”. The idea of strengthening our brand was developed through the years and culminated in March 2018, in the General Assembly held in Azuay, with the unanimous decision of enhancing our name and visual identity.

The renewal process revealed a lot about us and reinforced our values related to our unique way to do things. Collaboration and ownership were two of those distinctions that accompanied us through the challenging pathway of collectively building a brand. After many months of collaborative work with several interviews, questionnaires and meetings, and aligning different cultural perceptions inherent of an international network, we finally came up with our new brand – Regions4 – a more straightforward and powerful name, with a visual identity that highlights the way we do things: connected and globally.

Our new symbol was extracted from an original global map and is inspired in the deepest understanding of who we are: a pathway, a new way of doing things and the sum of the parts.

In March, during our General Assembly in Bilbao, our new brand was formally presented to members. Thanks to our host, the Basque Country, the in-person launch to members was nothing less than in the Guggenheim Museum, a perfect place to honour the very important step we were taking. The months that followed were dedicated to structure and create the main showcase of our new brand and our actions: our current website – www.regions4.org. The web plan was developed simultaneously to the branding project but its structure took shape in recent months. Much more modern, user-friendly and clear, our new website broadens our reach by promoting our main actions and displaying our central contributions with the world. One of the novelties of our recent portal is a section called “Knowledge hub”, an information centre dedicated exclusively to innovative and inspiring actions and plans of the regional level of government, in the fields we act: Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Biodiversity.

The branding projected also entails new social media layouts: Facebook – Regions4 and Twitter – Regions4SD, the activation of new accounts: LinkedIn – Regions4 and Instagram – Regions4SD, and a friendlier layout for our newsletter.

A new name, brand, website, and social media accounts, to expand opportunities, increase our capacities, empower our political and technical assets, and speed-up transformation.

We thank and honour everyone who took part in this renewing process, we couldn’t be prouder to share this new phase of prosperity and growth with all our network.

We Act. We Connect. We Transform. We are Regions4.