The Regional Climate Weeks organised by a number of organisations, including several development banks, UN Climate Change, UNDP, the NDC Partnership, amongst others. Unless the annual UNFCCC Climate Change Conferences, the regional Climate Weeks are not about negotiations. They rather are collaboratives platforms bringing together governments and non-Party stakeholders as an opportunity to discuss climate action, key vulnerabilities and challenges from a distinct perspective of different regions of the world. They include a series of events that provide space for grassroots exchange of knowledge and best practices across the respective geographic region on: Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Global Climate Action (GCA).

As the first of four Regional Climate Weeks in 2020, Africa Climate Week (ACW) will take place from 20-24 April in Kampala, Uganda. Registration for participation is already open until 19 April here. In addition, there are different ways to get involved in and be part of the ACW, such as

  • Side events: Side events provide opportunities for organisations to conduct an hour-long session on topics aligned with the agenda
  • Action Hub: Action Hub provides a platform for Non-Governmental Organisations, Intergovernmental Organisations, Governments, Youth Organisations, as well as Educational Institutions from the region to showcase innovative climate action and ideas in 15-30 minutes on a stage.

Applications are open until 31 January.

More information on the Regional Climate Weeks can be drawn from the Q&A session that took place at COP 25.

Other Regional Climate Weeks taking place in 2020:
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2020; 6 – 10 July in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2020; place and date tbd
  • Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2020; date tbd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Info coming soon