On the occasion of the United Nations 75th anniversary, Regions4 is proud to announce the launching of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments Visioning Report UN75 – The Role of Local and Regional Governments in the Future Global Governance of the International System.

Our constituency has answered the call of the UN Secretary General on how we envision a renewed multilateral system by 2045 and what is the change we need.

Local and regional governments worldwide stressed the critical role played in the current outbreak and in shaping the aftermath. In 2045, we envision a world where people and planet thrive in harmony. An approach that strengthen inclusiveness, environmental protection and restoration, and interlinkages between urban and rural areas. A world in which social justice, equity, rights, democracy, and sustainability are in its core. We are willing to put the peoples in our territories as drivers of global policies.

The report is a collective effort for a structural shift in multilateralism, reflecting the new era of bottom-up approach and responses to global challenges. It consolidates our demands for an integrated governance and participatory approach. Regional governments should be able to represent our own voices. We are asking for a governance model that involve us in all stages of decision making, not as secondary actors. We want a future with a guaranteed seat at the global table.

Regions4 will be represented by the President of the Basque Country, Mr. Iñigo Urkullu in the official handout of the report to the United Nations on October 8. He will offer Regions4’s full support, commitment, and political will to transform the world for the next 25 years.

You can read the report here and access the report’s webpage with main messages.