For the last couple of years we have endured a global pandemic which has exposed social and economic inequalities worldwide, and the inextricable link between human and planetary health.

We have learnt that if the world wants to secure a future where people and planet can thrive together, we must address the interconnected emergencies of biodiversity loss and climate change in a collaborative manner.

Regional governments have stepped up their efforts to design green recovery plans aligned with the 2030 Agenda, connecting the dots, and drawing lines of action for multilateral governance. They have raised their ambitions and taken bold actions in their territories, while contributing to shape a new multilateral system that leaves no one behind.

During these two years, Regions4 has continued to catalyse regional leadership, showcasing best practices, advocating for increased recognition, and channelling regions’ voice into the main UN fora on biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development.

The pages of this report show the key outcomes of the work carried out during 2020 and 2021, as some of the milestones achieved by a global community of regional leaders working to build a resilient and inclusive post pandemic future.

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