The Open Consultation on 2020 Comprehensive Review organized by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) is open until 8 September 2019 in this link.

The 2020 Comprehensive Review was mandated by the General Assembly in resolution 71/313 and serves as an opportunity to review the global indicator framework and make improvements. The IAEG-SDG laid out a detailed timeline for the 2020 Comprehensive Review at its 9th meeting in Beirut in March 2019 and specified the criteria for indicator proposals. Following this meeting, the group then launched an open call for proposals to be considered in the Review. The compilation of the 2020 comprehensive review proposals received is available on the 2020 Comprehensive review webpage, including a compilation of all the proposals included in the open consultation and a list of the current global indicator framework.

The IAEG-SDGs is requesting inputs from the global statistical community on a set of proposals under consideration for inclusion in the 2020 Comprehensive Review to assist in its deliberations. The proposals put forth in this consultation take five forms: replacements of existing indicators, revisions of existing indicators, additional indicators, deletions of existing indicators, and in a few cases, requests for proposals for replacing existing indicators where methodological progress or data collection efforts have stalled.

Proposals are divided by Goal, with each Goal having its own section in the consultation. You can provide inputs on only those goals that match your interest/expertise.

The IAEG-SDG will compile and review these comments and proposals, and it will proceed to make further decisions on the proposals to be included in the 2020 Comprehensive Review. A revised set of these proposals will be presented and discussed at the 10th meeting of the IAEG-SDG in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 21-24 October 2019, hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. The final list of proposals would be agreed upon and submitted to the United Nations Statistical Commission for consideration at its 51st session in March 2020.