The international community agrees on the need for urgent action to protect the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems. The CBD’s new Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework is expected to set ambitious targets and provide the resources for their effective implementation.

In this context, the International Biodiversity Forum “Living in Harmony with Nature” will take place from 19 to 22 April, organized by the Consortium of Decentralized Autonomous Provincial Governments of Ecuador – CONGOPE, The event will gather key partners such as UNITAR, CIFAL, Regions4, WWF, ICLEI, IUCN and UCLG among others.

The forum will showcase the contribution of subnational and local governments to global commitments for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity. All through the exchange of experiences and presentation of good practices.  

Likewise, the forum will open a dialogue on how to improve multilevel articulation and the execution of programs aimed at achieving the global goals of biodiversity. Subnational governments, academia, cooperation agencies, States, international networks, global platforms, and other key actors will work to identify common challenges and establish multi-stakeholder collaboration links.

Regions4 will bring the global voice of the regions to the event through the representation of a variety of experts. We highlight the participation of Mr. Sergio Graf, Regions4 Vice President for the Americas and Secretary of the Environment and Territorial Development of Jalisco; Renata Gómez, Biodiversity Programme Manager; and Natalia Uribe, Head of Strategic Coordination and Advocacy. They will bring their expertise and knowledge of Regions4 Secretariat and its members.   


Interested governments and organisations will be able to register on the CONGOPE website starting 1 April 2021.