Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted many regions and communities in the world, affecting ecosystems and people’s health, putting high pressure on public services, while deeply impacting economies and the livelihood of millions of people.

The region of Navarre (Spain) has seen how its productive fabric, with a strong industrial component, has suffered from the paralysis of global value chains, and many businesses had to close their doors due to confinement measures.      

Over the past year, the government of Navarre has put in place over 100 measures to respond to the urgency of the situation to protect people and the territory as a whole. Those measure included among others: extended social protection services to support the most vulnerable, tools for local governments to support communities, effective coordination of all public and private health facilities, and funding to support the research sector, as well as businesses and professionals.  

In order to move from the immediate response to the pandemic onto a recovery strategy, the government of Navarre launched the initiative “Reactivating Navarre”. This is a three-year plan for 2020-2023, that seeks to help the region move towards a new economic and social model, based on progress, cohesion, and innovation.

To develop this new model, the plan will focus on: transforming the economy for fair digitalisation; accelerating the environmental transition; structuring the territory; and strengthening the framework for social harmony, while reaffirming public leadership and actively engaging with international institutions and processes.

Reactivate Navarre” is aligned with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the EU Green Deal, the Recovery Plan for Europe NextGenerationEU and the Economic Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain España Puede.

In the presentation of the plan, Navarre’s Governor María Chivite highlighted that “Situating the Plan in the framework of these European and global strategies is important to recognise Navarre’s contribution to the European and global sustainable development goals and to enable synergies in interventions and lines of action. Our government is committed to implementing this Plan with all resources at hand, from a whole-of-society approach.

Further information

To learn more about the plan, its priority areas, and actions, please visit the website:
Plan Reactivar Navarra / Nafarroa Suspertu

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