The UN75 consultation on ‘the future we want, the UN we need’, is an ambitious exercise carried throughout 2020 with the aim to crowdsource information on priorities and actions to collectively face the current and future global challenges, under the leadership of United Nations. Regional governments worldwide are answering the call of the UN Secretary General on how we envision a renewed multilateral system by 2045 and what is the change we need.

The dramatic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the climate and biodiversity emergencies, call for a renewed multilateralism, inclusive and networked, that places at the decision-making table those providing the solutions in our territories. Regional governments not only play a critical role in raising public awareness, maintaining public services, and fostering sustainable development in the aftermath of the crises; but they also foster urban-rural interlinkages and the relationship between society, nature, and the environment, ultimately promoting territorial cohesion and a non-siloed approach.

#RegionsVoice at the Launch of the Visioning Report

The Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments officially presented on 8 October 2020 the Visioning Report, our constituency’s position for a new community-led multilateral system. The high-level event had the participation of representatives of regional and local governments at the highest level, as well as of United Nations and the international community.   

The Basque Premier, H.E. Mr. Iñigo Urkullu, took the floor to represent both Basque Country and Regions4 Presidency. During his intervention he stated:

The present and future response to the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the climate emergency, migratory movements, increased poverty or the need for advanced sustainable development, are great challenges, but also opportunities for a new concept of collaborative governance with a global vision, which represents the essence of the United Nations. This is an opportunity to incorporate into the network of global governance all the institutional potential we have, opening up participation to governments that are closest to the demands and needs of citizens. The Basque Government and Regions4 are committed to be part of global collective decisions that are based on rigour and shared accountability. We offer all our support, commitment, and political will to help transform the world by 2045, at a key moment for the future of the United Nations and our international system as a whole.

Regions4 strongly believes that the future of global governance is based on solidarity, decentralization, and inclusive multilateralism. Unprecedented and interconnected challenges require territorial ownership to be transformative. This can only be done by recognising all stakeholders are equally necessary. The UN we want will establish a governance model that enables decision making based on multilevel collaboration and shared leadership.

Further information

The recording of the High-Level Session on 8 October can be accessed here.

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