In June 2019, the new brand of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development was officially launched: Regions4. This milestone marked the beginning of the transition period of the Network, with a renewed image, a web platform to present to the world the main actions and contributions on biodiversity, climate change and SDGs, as well as a change in governance to begin a new phase.  

Following the mission of empowering regional governments through the creation of collaborations within and outside the Network that translate into actions with real impact, Regions4 begins a new phase to work on strengthening its international positioning and influencing top-level political decision-making on territorial sustainability.

This process of change, which has been taking shape for some time, is a sign of the ambition of the Network and has had the unconditional support of its 42 members, who in their XVI General Assembly last March unanimously approved the appointment of the Basque Country as President for the North of Regions4, as well as the assumption by this region of the General Secretariat’s functions for a transitional period.  

In this context, Regions4’s new transition stage presents great challenges and numerous opportunities to work on the Network’s future, helping to broaden policy advocacy, foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge, and open spaces for collaboration and decentralized cooperation.

Regions4 thus begins its new journey, to continue giving voice to regional governments at the global level in the main international reference fora on sustainability and multi-level cooperation such as the HLPF, COP or CBD; identify and create opportunities for technical cooperation between governments; and expand territorial capacities by promoting access to innovative best practices at the global level.   

We act. We connect. We transform. We are Regions4.