A new decade has just begun and 2020 is a crucial year to address climate change and its impacts. The climate emergency worldwide calls for immediate action and leadership, and RegionsAdapt members are showing their commitment to being part of the solutions.

2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the RegionsAdapt initiative, which was established in 2015 alongside COP 21 in Paris as a hub for inspiration and support in climate adaptation action and reporting. RegionsAdapt grew from its 27 founding members to an initiative bringing together more than 70 regional governments nowadays.

Changing international and national settings and the fast and further progression of climate change since 2015 demand new actions, and the worldwide community of regional and subnational governments committed to adopting a strategic approach to climate adaptation, is ready to collaborate to build a renewed RegionsAdapt platform.

The RegionsAdapt community will assess their achievements so far and shape the future of the global adaptation agenda in order to develop more coherent policymaking processes while fostering horizontal cooperation, capacity building and benchmarking, as well as increasing accountability and transparency.  

As a member of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency, Regions4 supports the “Multilevel Action COP” roadmap to Glasgow, and specifically, the efforts to ensure a balanced approach to climate mitigation and adaptation plans and actions for regional and subnational governments to take concrete action, collaborate and report on their climate adaptation efforts.

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