The RegionsAdapt initiative aims to inspire and support regional governments to take concrete action, collaborate and report on climate adaptation. Driven by the governments of Rio de Janeiro and Catalonia, RegionsAdapt was launched at COP 21 in Paris, and now encompasses more than 71 signatory regions from five continents. By joining the initiative, signatories commit to:

a. Adopt a strategic approach to adaptation and prioritise adaptation actions within two years.

b. Take concrete action on adaptation in at least one of the priority areas identified by the regions.

c. Report data on the progress of their adaptation actions on an annual basis through CDP’s states and regions platform.

Through working in different priority areas, RegionsAdapt aims to exchange information on skills and challenges, adopt common standards and, based on these standards, develop joint projects.


  • 71 member regions

    Representing over 270 million inhabitants.

  • More than 260 reported adaptation actions

    Members develop ambitious actions to address the physical and socio-economic risks of climate change.

  • Regional Adaptation plans

    RegionsAdapt members have developed their own plans and strategies to adapt to climate change 

  • More than 35 webinars and online meetings

    Since 2016 RegionsAdapt has organised knowledge opportunities on different priority areas.

Activities and outcomes

The RegionsAdapt initiative offers:

  • Opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing, as well as capacity building and the development and implementation of joint projects;
  • Webinars to address topics of common interest carried out by member regions or external organisations to share their expertise and best practices;
  • A standardised reporting system provided by CDP.
  • Participation in major international conferences.
  • Facilitated access to tools, publications and specialised adaptation information.


Why join this project?

  • Learning from experiences of peers can significantly improve the success of your strategies and actions.

  • Climate Change impacts are not locally bound. Therefore, cooperation and joint projects increase the positive outcome of adaptation efforts.

  • RegionsAdapt brings external expertise to the table, needed to develop and successfully implement adaptation actions.

  • Reporting your climate data helps make your actions measurable and manageable, and increases accountability and transparency.

  • High visibility of your action attracts potential partners and funding.

Join the RegionsAdapt Initiatives

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